Importance of Asset Management

LNBG Investments’ Asset Management Services are centered around portfolio management.


Research and dealing; innovative product development, marketing, and market intelligence; with a resulting focus on sales and client service. Our teams actively manage all of our investment strategies with a clear long-term goal in mind for each client – to build their prosperity for the long term.

Our approach is founded on a philosophy of rigorous research to identify and evaluate appropriate investment opportunities. This research identifies and evaluates high-quality investment opportunities in the loca­l Saudi Arabian market as well as internationally, currently focusing mainly on the GCC region.


We believe that by taking an active management approach we are free to challenge conventional thinking, interpret real-time data intelligence, and create real value for our clients.

Result and client benefits:

When we plan investment into a particular asset, we first invest the time and effort to understand its structure, market, management and potential. And, once we do invest, we share our experience and expertise to help generate sustainable results.

Our capabilities cover Investment Funds, Discretionary Portfolio Management (DPM) services and alternative investments, such as Private Equity and Venture Capital funds.

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