Rached Arfaoui

Vice President

Jon Chapman

Group Commercial Director

Habib Rehman

Marketing & Development

We’re Constantly Improving Our Skills to Fulfill Projects

25+ years experience in business and finance consulting solutions,
and working with 5k+ clients over the world.

With a committed team and a significant track record in both wealth creation and management, one significant aspect defines us; we have never forgotten that our business is all about our investors. We remain dedicated to understanding their needs, anticipating how these will evolve in the future, and focusing our efforts to help sustain our relationship for the long term.

Understanding our investors is just the start. We also invest in understanding dynamic financial landscapes, both from a macro and micro perspective. We seek ever-further insight into markets and industries in order to leverage opportunity. We pride ourselves on the professionalism of our teams – who provide our investors with unique market intelligence – allowing us to invest for them with integrity and transparency in order to deliver the best outcome.

This demands a mix of considered analysis and deep insight. We tailor our strategies and solutions with the ultimate focus on growing and protecting our investors’ present and future prosperity, while adhering to our Shari’ah principles. This requires us to continually evaluate our performance and evolve our standards to remain ahead of the market.

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